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Repair Information

Your T-Match will be thoroughly rebuilt, properly calibrated,
and then tested for reliability and performance.

The intended use for the T-Match:
9400/9400SE with ceramic lid and chamber hardware.
-002, 9400/9400SE with quartz lid and chamber hardware.
-003, -004, 9400/9600 PTX/DFM Alliance.
-400, DSIE Chambers
-603, 9600PTX with Grounded Faraday Shield.

Note: The -001 and -002 have standard tuning ranges The -003, -004, -400 and -603 have extended tuning ranges.

Want to convert your -001 or -002 T-Match to an Extended Range version, and for a fraction of the price of purchasing a new one? Contact us below and let us know.

We proudly back our work up with one of the best in-use warranties in the industry for peace of mind on your investment. Contact us below for more information.

Applicable Part Numbers

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