LoFat Sled

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Repair Information

Your LoFat Sled will be thoroughly rebuilt, properly calibrated,
and then tested for reliability and performance.

Due to the extreme conditions that the LoFAT Sled operates in, high temperature coil tubes will be installed in both the Load and Tune positions. 
Unlike the original OEM tubes, these will not collapse from the heat that is generated. This feature helps to extend the life of the motor assemblies and DIP PCB.

Along with the High Temp upgrade, we can also upgrade your -001 Sled into a properly configured -002 Sled with upgraded Linear Positioners and Limit Switches. All tuning remains the same but dramatically increases the overall life of the Sled.

We proudly back our work up with one of the best in-use warranties in the industry for peace of mind on your investment. Contact us below for more information.

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